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Wood-plastic composite (WPC) compound material is a ground-breaking innovation that combines the best of both worlds – the natural appearance and texture of wood and the durability and low maintenance of plastic. It has gained widespread recognition in the construction and building industry as a sustainable and versatile alternative to traditional materials.

“KONSPEC” is proud to present “WUDDY”. A range of sustainable, eco-friendly, low carbon footprint wood-like materials manufactured based on sorted and standardised recycled plastics blended with consciously sourced renewable resources origin natural fibres.

WUDDY is affordable, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and completely recyclable.

WUDDY products are affordable and can be used to substitute wood in many applications.

Salient Features

Sustainability: WPC is made by combining wood fibres or wood flour with thermoplastic materials like polyethylene, and polypropylene. This composition reduces the demand for virgin plastics and repurposes wood waste, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Wood-Like Aesthetics: WPC materials offer a natural appearance and can be customized to mimic the look and texture of various wood species. This makes them appealing for applications where aesthetics is crucial, such as outdoor decking and furniture.

Durability: WPC is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, insects, and rot, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It does not require regular painting, staining, or sealing, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Dimensional Stability: WPC materials exhibit excellent dimensional stability, with minimal expansion or contraction due to temperature and humidity changes. This property is especially valuable in outdoor installations.

Applications: WPC compounds are used in diverse construction and building applications, including:

  1. Decking: WPC decking offers the natural look of wood while providing superior resistance to weathering, making it an excellent choice for outdoor decks and patios.
  2. Cladding: WPC cladding provides an attractive and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood or metal cladding for building exteriors.
  3. Fencing: WPC fencing combines the aesthetics of wood with the durability of plastic, offering an eco-friendly solution for property boundaries.
  4. Furniture: WPC is used to create outdoor furniture, offering a wood-like appearance without the need for frequent maintenance.
  5. Interior Moulding: WPC compounds are also used for interior applications like baseboards, mouldings, and trim, offering the look of wood with improved durability.

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