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KONSPEC manufactures a wide and extensive range of Natural fibres composite profiles (WPC) range for Injection, Extrusion, and Thermoforming applications under the brand name “WUDDY”

Natural fibre composites ( NFC) are an infusion of natural fibres like rice husk, wood flour, Bamboo fibres, coffee husk, etc from consciously sourced sustainable biomass resources/agricultural by-products with chemically functionalized prime/ recycled polymers of PE and PP.

Product range

  • Compounds are available with Bio fiber content up to 40 % in Polypropylene and Polyethylene as base carrier resin.
  • Wide range of Bio fiber like Wood flour, Bamboo fibers, Jute, rice husk etc.
  • Customized grades to meet specific requirements of the final applications.
  • Specific grades for extrusion of profiles/ ducts and sheets
  • High flow grades for Injection molding applications
  • Special grades to meet stiffness and elongation properties
  • Helps meet sustainability and circular economy goals


  • Automotive components
  • Appliances parts
  • Disposables
  • Garden and nursery articles
  • Household products
  • Material handling components
  • Writing Instruments/ Toys and Gifts
  • Office stationery items
  • Material storage pallets
  • Consumer durable components
  • Electronic parts
  • Many more

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