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Masterbatches are versatile formulations used to introduce specific colour, properties, or functionalities to plastics during the manufacturing process. Customized masterbatches are tailored solutions designed to meet the unique and specialized needs of certain products and industries. These customized masterbatches are essential for achieving precise and often proprietary requirements in various applications.

Tailored Formulations: Customized masterbatches are formulated to meet the specific demands of a particular application. Manufacturers work closely with masterbatch suppliers to create a solution that precisely matches the desired characteristics of the end product.

Colour Matching: In applications where colour consistency is paramount, such as branding or product differentiation, customized masterbatches allow for precise colour matching, ensuring that the final products meet exact visual requirements.

Functional Additives: Specialized industries often require unique functionalities in their plastic or rubber products. Customized masterbatches can incorporate additives such as UV stabilizers, flame retardants, antimicrobial agents, or other proprietary ingredients to meet specific performance criteria.

Regulatory Compliance: Certain applications, such as food packaging or medical devices, require adherence to strict regulatory standards. Customized masterbatches can be developed to ensure compliance with these regulations, including factors like food contact safety or biocompatibility.

Customized masterbatches are applied across a diverse array of industries and specialized applications, including:

Customized masterbatches are used to develop polymers that meet medical-grade standards, ensuring biocompatibility and resistance to sterilization methods.


“ASSURED” range of customized Colour masterbatches solutions. The synchronous and harmonized “ASSURED” range of customized masterbatch solutions is meticulously crafted to fulfil the precise colour and regulatory compliance needs of discerning multinational, national, regional, and local brands. This comprehensive colour library encompasses shades meticulously matched to globally recognized colour standards such as PANTONE, RAL, NCS, among others.

Salient Features

  • All regulatory-compliant masterbatches are manufactured in a dedicated manufacturing facility
  • This dedicated facility, manufacturing processes, Quality systems and Testing lab have been audited and certified by leading global toys and consumer brands
  • Masterbatches are tested in a state of the art, in house NABL accredited laboratory for all global and local regulatory compliances
  • Precisely matched colours as per CIE 94 L a b values – Delta E less than 1
  • Excellent Dispersion/Filter Pressure Value (FPV) less than 1 as per DIN EN 23900-2015
  • Superior light fastness and weather fastness properties
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Excellent dimensional stability


“ASSURED” range of masterbatches are manufactured to comply with the most stringent global and local regulatory compliances. Some of which are listed below.

Food Contact Compliances

  • USFDA – FDA 21 CFR 178.3297
  • EU 2018/831 (EU 10/2011)
  • AP89
  • IS 9833/ IS 9845
  • Regulation 1935/ 2004
  • GB 4806.7 -2023

Toy Standards

  • EN 71-3
  • ASTM F963-17
  • ISO 8124
  • IS 9873

Others Standards

  • Substance of very high concern (SVHC)
  • Many More


“COMBIKON” – Range of COMBI CONCENTRATE Masterbatches
GROUP Aesthetic properties like colours are combined with performance enhancement additives to offer multifunctional solution to meet demanding processing conditions, which call for extremely high levels of dispersion and distribution at very low shear

Salient Feature

  • Ease of moulding and optimum cycle time for complex moulded parts
  • Precisely dispersed and distributed active ingredients Consistent Shade along with Enhanced functional properties
  • Trace function of even dispersion and distribution of very low additive level (ppm) in the polymer matrix
  • Low die build-up while processing extra high molecular weight resins.
  • Easy release of materials in complex and intricate screw and die geometry leading to very low wastage and quick change over of colours and grades.
  • Suitable for shear-sensitive processes or applications.
  • Lower inventory
  • Eliminates the need of additional doser for additive incorporation

Product Range

  • Colour with UVs
  • Colours with Antioxidants
  • Colours with UVs and Antioxidants
  • Colours with Anti-static
  • Colours with Slip and Anti block additives
  • Colours with PPA
  • Many More


  • Jumbo Bags : Colours + UVs + AOs
  • Storage bins of Electronic components : Colours + Anti-static
  • Colour Lining of Agricultural Pipes : Colours + UVs
  • OFC ducts : Colours + UVs + AOs
  • Intricated Moulded parts : Colours + PPA
  • Many more

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