Plastics pond liners are used to line the bottom of ponds, lakes, and reservoirs to prevent leakage and seepage. They are made from a variety of plastic materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC. The liners are designed to be durable, puncture-resistant, and able to withstand exposure to sunlight, water, and soil. They come in various thicknesses and sizes to fit different pond dimensions. Plastic pond liners are an effective and affordable solution for containing water in ponds, especially in comparison to traditional methods such as earthen dams.

Product range

  • Black masterbatches with carbon Loading of 40% as per IS specification
  • Special Grade of Black Masterbatches for Lamination
  • Low Ash content Grades
  • Anti-oxidants masterbatch with 10 % Active Ingredient
  • PPA masterbatch with up to 3% active Ingredient
  • Ultra violet stabilizer masterbatches with up to 20% Active content
  • Anti rodent Masterbatches

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