Plastics are a key component in artificial turf, which is used in sports fields, playgrounds, and landscaping. The plastic fibres and infill materials used in artificial turf provide cushioning, support, and traction for athletes and players. The most common plastics used in artificial turf are polyethylene and polypropylene, which are selected for their durability, resistance to weathering, and ability to withstand heavy use. Artificial turf made from plastics offers several benefits, including reduced maintenance, a consistent playing surface, and improved player safety.

Product range

  • Custom matched shades
  • High Heat stables masterbatches
  • High Light and Weather Fast Grades
  • Optical brightener masterbatches.
  • Anti-oxidants masterbatch with 10 % Active Ingredient
  • Ultra violet stabiliser masterbatches with up to 20% active Ingredient
  • PPA masterbatches – For Smoother extrusion

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