“COMBIKON” – Range of COMBI CONCENTRATE Masterbatches
GROUP Aesthetic properties like colours are combined with performance enhancement additives to offer multifunctional solution to meet demanding processing conditions, which call for extremely high levels of dispersion and distribution at very low shear

Salient Feature

  • Ease of moulding and optimum cycle time for complex moulded parts
  • Precisely dispersed and distributed active ingredients Consistent Shade along with Enhanced functional properties
  • Trace function of even dispersion and distribution of very low additive level (ppm) in the polymer matrix
  • Low die build up while processing extra high molecular weight resins.
  • Easy release of materials in complex and intricate screw and die geometry leading to very low wastage and quick change over of colours and grades.
  • Suitable for shear sensitive processes or application.
  • Lower inventory
  • Eliminates the need of additional doser for additive incorporation

Product Range

  • Colour with UVs,
  • Colours with Antioxidants,
  • Colours with UVs and Antioxidants
  • Colours with Anti-static ,
  • Colours with Slip and Anti block additives
  • Colours with PPA
  • Many More


  • Jumbo Bags : Colours + UVs + AOs
  • Storage bins of Electronic components: Colours + Anti-static
  • Colour Lining of Agricultural Pipes: Colours + UVs
  • OFC ducts : Colours + UVs + AOs
  • Intricated Moulded parts: Colours + PPA
  • Many more

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