KONSPEC masterbatches play a vital role in the production of flexible packaging materials, offering a range of benefits that include colouration, property enhancement, processing advantages, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, brand protection, and regulatory compliance. By leveraging these benefits, manufacturers can produce high-quality, reliable, and sustainable flexible packaging solutions that meet the demands of various industries.

COLOSOL range of Masterbatches are used to impart colour to flexible packaging materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and PET. They offer a wide range of colours and can be customized to match specific brand colours, enhancing the visual appeal of packaged products.

PERSOL range of Masterbatches can introduce various properties into flexible packaging materials, such as improved tear resistance, heat seal properties, puncture resistance, slip, and anti-block properties. They can also enhance barrier properties against oxygen, moisture, and other gases, which is essential for food and pharmaceutical

PROSOL range of productivity enhancement masterbatch solutions to improved productivity, ease of processing etc Processing can simplify the manufacturing process and reduce production costs.

ASSURED range of Masterbatch solutions addresses the need of consistent colours ensuring Brand protection. Regulatory compliance: Masterbatches can be formulated to meet regulatory requirements for food contact, pharmaceutical, and medical applications. They can also help ensure compliance with environmental regulations, such as Food contact Material Compliances, REACH etc.

Masterbatches can be customized to include security features, such as watermarks or taggants, that help protect brands from counterfeiting and tampering.

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