In the context of Appliances, masterbatches are used to improve the performance, and appearance, of plastics used in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

KONSPEC has a diverse portfolio of products that effectively enhance the performance, durability and appearance of home appliances. We are the preferred partners of leading home appliance manufacturers and provide our solutions for the following: Washing machines, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Air Conditioners, Inverters, Water Dispensers etc

KONSPEC has a diversified COLOSOL range of Colour Solutions and PERSOL range of Performance Enhancement Additive Solutions for Washing M/c, Refrigerators, Microwave woven, Mixer and Grinders, Air Conditioners and Water Dispensers ETC

 COLOSOL range of Colour masterbatches enables the creation of visually appealing products by adding colour to the plastic components. Different colours can be used to create a distinctive look for a particular brand or model, making the product more attractive to consumers. Consistent colour schemes can help establish a brand’s identity and make its products easily recognizable. Colour masterbatches can be customized to match a brand’s specific colour requirements, ensuring that their products have a unique and consistent visual appeal.

PERSOL range of Additive masterbatches are used to impart properties like Antistatic, Anti Scratch, Flame retardancy, Antimicrobial, Anti-fog properties etc. anti-static agents, and flame retardant properties

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