Revolutionizing the Automotive World: KONSPEC's Engineering Plastics for Every Segment

KONSPEC portfolio of Products Cover Needs of durable colours and performance additive masterbatches solutions needed for automotive components to ensure Durability, and outdoor exposure requirements.

Exterior parts of motor vehicles must withstand extreme mechanical stresses and large temperature variations and are constantly exposed to sun, wind and weather. Colouring bumpers, exterior trim and roof boxes from polyamide, polypropylene or plastics such as PC or PBT places very high demands on the masterbatches used.

KONSPEC range of Colour Masterbatch has been specifically designed to help offer the ideal mix of properties to ensure our customers products meet the high demands of exterior automotive parts.

PERSOL range of additive masterbatches provide, UV resistance, Thermal resistance, Flame retardancy, Anti-scratch, dimensional stability, Vapour corrosion Inhibition properties etc

KONSPEC’S Tailor made masterbatch formulations to address specific challenges, manufacturers can optimize plastic components for various automotive applications, ultimately contributing to the production of higher-performing, more efficient, and more stylish vehicles.

The role of masterbatches in the automotive industry is multifaceted, offering numerous benefits that offer numerous benefits that improve the performance, safety, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal of vehicles.

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