COLOSOL Range of Colour Masterbatch Solutions


White masterbatch is that is used to impart whiteness and opacity to plastics. The main function of white masterbatch is to provide a uniform and consistent colouration to the plastic product. It is commonly used in applications where high whiteness and opacity are required It is typically made up of a combination of pigments such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) and also in combination with other extenders like calcium carbonate or barium sulphate. Careful selection of suitable type of Titanium dioxide with particle size distribution and suitable carrier resin ensures final colour, brightness and durability. White masterbatch ensures uniform and vibrant white colouration, which is crucial for products with high aesthetic requirements. It provides excellent opacity, effectively covering the underlying colour. These masterbatches are available in Neutral, Blue tint a, violet tones and Extra high brightness Grades to suit industry requirements. Titanium Loading Levels of 10 to 75% are available to suit specific applications. Range also includes Non yellowing grades for outdoor application and Non-lacing Grades for Flexible packaging.

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