Plastics foam sheets are thin, lightweight sheets made from plastic materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or expanded polystyrene (EPS). They are commonly used in various applications, including packaging, cushioning, and insulation. Plastics foam sheets are known for their excellent shock absorption, thermal insulation, and water resistance properties. They are also easy to cut, shape, and glue, making them versatile for customized applications.

Product range

  • Colour masterbatches – Generic & Custom Matched shades
  • ROHS compliant Grades
  • High Heat Stable Grades to with stand Processing temperature and long cycle time
  • White & Black masterbatches
  • Anti-oxidants masterbatch with 10 % Active Ingredient
  • PPA masterbatch with up to 3% active Ingredient
  • Anti-static additive masterbatch for Foam Control

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