Plastic material handling crates are essential components in various industries for efficient storage, transportation, and organization of goods. These crates, typically made from durable plastic materials, offer several advantages over traditional alternatives like wood or metal.

Plastic material handling crates offer numerous advantages over traditional packaging methods, including durability, hygiene, moisture resistance, lightweight design, customization, recyclability, automation compatibility, reusability, tracking capabilities, and improved supply chain efficiency. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and food processing to retail and logistics. Plastic material handling crates are sturdy, reusable containers made of plastic that are designed to store, transport, and handle various materials and products They are an essential component of supply chain management and manufacturing processes.

In summary, plastic material handling crates are indispensable in modern supply chains and material handling operations. Their durability, versatility, and other functional features make them a preferred choice for businesses looking to streamline logistics and enhance operational efficiency.

Product range

  • Colour masterbatches – Generic and Custom Matched shades. Range includes
    • High Heat Stable,
    • High Lightfast,
    • Weather resistant
    • Food Contact application regulatory compliant Grades
  • White & Black masterbatches
  • Mold releasing masterbatches
  • Impact Modifiers for Low Temperature applications
  • Anti-Static Masterbatches
  • Cycle time Reducers
  • AO masterbatches with up to 10% active Ingredient
  • UV masterbatches with up to 20% Active Ingredient

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