PP non-woven fabrics are versatile materials with many applications across various industries. They offer several advantages such as light weight, breathability, durability, chemical resistance, ease of cleaning, and cost-effectiveness. These properties make them suitable for use in a wide range of products, from disposable items to medical and industrial applications.

Antimicrobial additive masterbatches are available to make non-woven fabrics are resistant to bacteria and Microbials to making it suitable for Hygiene Applications like disposable products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, and surgical gowns, protective clothing such as coveralls, aprons, and sleeves.

Filler masterbatches are offered for use of non-woven packaging materials such as bags, pouches, and labels.

Product range

  • Colour masterbatches to Suit both Spun bond and Melt Blown Process
  • White & Black masterbatches
  • Anti-oxidants masterbatch with 10 % Active Ingredient
  • PPA masterbatch with up to 3% active Ingredient
  • Optical Brightener Masterbatches
  • Ultra violet stabiliser masterbatches with up to 20% Active ingredient
  • Mineral based fillers
  • ALPHA Modifiers
  • Hydrophilic additive Masterbatches
  • Hydrophobic additive Masterbatches
  • Antistatic masterbatches
  • Anti-Microbial Additive Masterbatches
  • Electret Masterbatch

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