ECOWHITE range of Mineral Filled masterbatches

KONSPEC manufactures “ECOWHITE” range of Mineral filled masterbatches for Injection, Blow, Extrusion, and Thermoforming applications based on Polyethylenes, polypropylenes and Styrenics resins.

Salient Features

  • High whiteness and High brightness Grades
  • Excellent dispersion – FPV Value less than 1
  • Excellent processing
  • Reduces costs
  • Enable higher addition Levels
  • Improved Stiffness
  • Better Tenacity
  • Minimal wastage
  • High productivity due to low die lip formation
  • Improved machine efficiency because of low mesh choking
  • Clean production environment owing to reduced dust formation

Product Range

  • Products with Active ingredient content ranging from 78 to 83% Loading
  • Specific grades for high-speed extrusion plants
  • Grades for high-speed extrusion and low denier applications
  • High flow grades for low shear machines & high throughput lines
  • Extra high tenacity grades
  • Grades with very finely controlled particles size. Top cut D 98 of Max 8 Microns
  • Specially developed grades for high stretch ratio processes
  • Specially developed range for monolayer/ multilayer films.
  • High addition levels of more than 50% for monolayer films


  • Antifibrillation for tapes – for low denier of 350 and max line speed plants upto 600 mts/min, successfully running on wide range of plants with AL upto 50%
  • Lamination – speed 250mts/min, 1.6 mts width with AL upto 25%. Monolayer films with AL upto 60%
  • Multilayer films
  • Cast films with AL upto 40%
  • Injection moulding depending upon the components design and end application Blow moulded containers – Monolayer/ Multilayer with AL upto 10%
  • Thermoformed sheets with AL upto 25%
  • Box strapping with AL upto 50 %
  • Many more

* AL – Addition level

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