Plastic monolayer carry bags are lightweight, single-use bags made from a single layer of plastic material, typically polyethylene. Plastic carry bags are lightweight, disposable bags used for carrying goods They are commonly used in retail stores, supermarkets, and other shopping establishments for carrying purchases. These bags are inexpensive, easy to produce, and provide a convenient way for consumers to transport their items.

Product Range

  • White masterbatches with Titanium dioxide Loading from 20 % up to 70%
  • White masterbatches with and without Extenders
  • Black Masterbatches up to 50% carbon Black Loading
  • Colour Masterbatches
  • Opaque filler masterbatch
  • Transparent Filler Masterbatch
  • Optical Brightener Masterbatch
  • Colour Modifiers for economy
  • Modifier Masterbatches to improve sealability

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