ALPHA Opaque modifiers are materials used to enhance the properties of various products by incorporating special ingredients in various applications. The use of modifier masterbatch offers manufacturers flexibility in tailoring the properties of polyolefins according to specific application requirements. This cost-effective and efficient approach has contributed to the versatility of polyolefin-based products in various Application. Details are as under,

Monolayer Films

  • Ensure higher filler Loadings in the films resulting in economy
  • Improves Saleability of Monolayer films used in carry Bags, Grocery bags
  • Increased dart impact

Tapes used for woven Fabrics

  • Improved seam strength in woven sacks enhances the structural integrity of the bags, reducing the risk of ruptures or tears and ensuring reliable containment of goods during transportation and storage.
  • Ensures reduced powder formation, minimizing waste and improving the overall quality of the produced tapes.

In Injection/ Blow Moulding

  • Balances mechanical strength and stiffness of the end product, where durability and structural integrity are crucial.
  • Modifier contain affordable mineral, making it an economical choice process
  • The impact resistance property is crucial for ensuring durability and preventing breakage, making them suitable for the reliable packaging and transportation of various products
  • ESCR improvement ensures the Blow moulded container’s resistance to cracking or failure when exposed to environmental stressors, contributing to the longevity and reliability of the packaging.

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