KONSPEC’S philosophy is not just to move with the times, but ahead of it. The nature of Research & Development insist that new and diverse applications are constantly being discovered, sparing no effort in offering customers more possibilities.

Ingrained in the company’s DNA are mandatory principles on environment and safety. Research & Development has focused on products and solutions that are environmentally friendly,end-of-life and regulations compliant. Innovative solutions bring together non renewable and renewable eco-friendly resources to produce high performance materials with low carbon footprint.

Proof enough that besides perfecting shade control, subtle tints and lightfastness, KONSPEC prioritizes substantial sums and mind power into generating genuine value addition !

A state of the art R&D Centre has been setup at headquarters in Mangalore. The centre has been equipped with best in class equioment sources from leading manufactures and suppliers across the globe .The centre is working on development of products end-of-life solutions , natural fibre composites , degradation of plastics , polymer performance enhancement and productivity solutions.The range of equipment is listed as under for our customers perusal .



R &D  Centre for Rubber & Plastics as per ASTM/ISO Standards

  • Concept / Customer Requirement,
  • Ideation, Design & Development,
  • Choice of Materials to meet Local & Global Standards & Compliance’s
  • Process Development & Standardisation
  • Internal Mixers and Laboratory Twin screw extruders,
  • Injection Moulding Machine,with Moulds as per ASTM Specifications,
  • Compression Moulding Machine,
  • Blown Film Facilities,
  • Application Tryouts,
  • Product Performance Evaluation,
  • Proof of Concept,
  • Value Engineering,
  • Productivity Solutions.