Persol is a range of additive Masterbatch used in enhancing the performance of polymers viz.. UV, Anti-Oxidation, Flame Retarding , Nucleating, Clarifying .

  • Mineral Filled Masterbatch
  • AFMB
  • Various grades of AFMP Masterbatches are available for medium line speed to High line speed processes.

  • Opaque Filler Masterbatch
  • For Blown Fim Industry

  • Transparent Fillers Masterbatch
  • Various grades are available with high brightness and medium brightness range for tapes and blown film applications.

  • Modifiers
  • Range of Products available for tapes to improve tenacity, elongation, surface gloss & reduce powder formation in looms.

    Various grades of products are available for monolayer films of higher thickness to improve sealability, elongation & tear strength.

  • Optical Brighteners
  • UV Stabilized Masterbatch
  • SLIP
  • Anti-Oxidant Masterbatch
  • Anti-Block Masterbatch
  • Anti Static Masterbatch
  • Anti Microbial Masterbatch
  •         Speciality Masterbatch to arrest & eliminate microbial growth in plastic sanitary fittings, tooth brishes etc..

  • Anti-Fog(Hot & Cold) Masterbatch
  • Anti Skid Masterbatch
  • Nucleating Masterbatch
  • Clarifiers
  • Anti-Scratch Masterbatch
  • Blowing agent
  • Conductive Masterbatch
  • Degradable Masterbatch


  • Anti Counterfeiting Masterbatch
  • Masterbatches for authentication & product security, both rigid and flexible packaging.

  • Odour Absorbers Masterbatch
  • Masterbatch used to remove organic and other odours from final processed articles

  • Fragrance Masterbatch




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