KONSPEC delivers only the best. Not just colourants and additives, but service and point-of-sale also promote this credo. To achieve this end, collective minds are supported by cutting edge technology, manufacturing facilities by state-of the-art quality assurance laboratories. All this to ensure world-class products to customers, most of whom are forward thinking entrepreneurs launching new products into the plastics industry.

5 modern production facilities in Manglalore, India employ 200 people in their five divisions. Qualified technicians and skilled personnel assisted by modern technology simplify work routines. A technical services team supports product development, ensuring clients receive only the best quality and service.

    Plant Capacity

    30000 MTPA

    No Of Locations

    Five Separate Units For Whites, Blacks, Colours and Mineral Filled

    Equipment Available

    A Range Twin Screw Lines and Continous Compounders,Branbury mixers delivering 30,000 Tonnes of best in class Masterbatch & Compounds.

Manufacturing Plant